Monday, January 30, 2006

Benjamin Stove. And what did happen at Loon Lake?

This is an interesting story I came across while blog hopping. It might even seem a little spooky if you play some creepish Tales from the Darkside music while reading it - maybe the Twin Peaks soundtrack or some Music for Airports...

For an even creepier story (complete with its own music), check out This American Life's The House on Loon Lake.

"Adam Beckman tells the first part of his story, about how, back inĀ  the 70's, he and his friends broke into an abandoned house in the small town of Freedom, New Hampshire... An abandoned house, and the mysterious family who once lived there but seemed to disappear without a trace - leaving salt and pepper shakers on the table, notes on the bedroom mirror, a wallet with money still inside... Two riveting tales from the heart of Gothic America. Cost to you: didly squat. Enjoy!

Hell, since weird things - as with good things, bad things, and eh, it's o-k, I guess things come in 3s, I'm including the link to the surprisingly still-live Donnie Darko site (sound required) - another place for a brief submersion into the creepy delicious. The reason for this spook-centric post? Watched Dark Water tonight...


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