Friday, January 27, 2006

160 Pantless Riders (and the "Unlucky 8")

There but for the grace of God go I...

This past Sunday saw Improv Everywhere's latest pantless hijinks on the New York Subway system, and were it not for the fact that my beloved Steelers were set to play the Broncos that afternoon, I too would have been serenely riding along the 6 train, in my best boxers, with 160 other admirerers of the absurd, odd, transient, and pantless. But a trip to New York City was not in the cards as Sunday football and a Monday morning meeting conspired to keep me fully clothed. Life is so very unfair...

But Ryan - wasn't your previous blog entry (from like, 10 minutes ago, you loser) about the possible filibuster of Sam Alito, and to need to put every last ounce of effort into contacting our Senators, our friends, and our fellow citizens, and mobilizing the whole hoi polloi into a vigorous ad hoc political body capable of defeating the Alito nomination and the fascists knocking on the door?

Double True! But, ahem, I include this entry as the latest example of how authority - usually pants-wearing authority - is often (and increasingly) capable, willing, and eager to extend its reach into anything that smacks of non-conformity. While 160 Improv Everywhere pranksters were creating a mirthful little moment of surreality for the riders of the subway, the police felt quite within their power to step in, put the train out of service, detain many of the pranksters for hours, and issue summons for disorderly conduct to 8 of the participants - no doubt causing further aggrevation and likely fines and/or court costs. Paraphrasing Jeff Spicoli "You dicks!

So what, you say? A few people might have to pay $65 and spend an hour at City Hall? Oh boo hoo. Well, maybe you're right, but the notion that this a "free" country increasingly depends on a "definition" of freedom that is watered-down, straight-laced, and pants-centric. OK, I really just wanted to have an excuse to post this picture.

You can watch the leader of Improv Everywhere talk with Keith Olbermann [here].

French readers click [ici].


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