Sunday, December 04, 2005

Travis Ruse's A Year in the Life...

Some great photographs of the New York Subway have been shot by a guy named Travis Ruse. This past Friday was the one year anniversary of his effort to photograph his daily commute through the byzantine tunnels and corridors of the New York Subway system. Many of the pictures are beautiful.

To anyone who's plunged into the depths of the subway, the pictures are immediately both familiar and yet slightly unreal. Are the colors that vibrant deep under the streets of the city? Does the subway reveal the true nature of the inhabitants of the city above, their sadness, isolation, weariness and resignation? Are there really hundreds of thousands of minor tragedies careening through the dark tunnels below the bustling sidewalks of Gotham? Travis does capture glimpses of happiness and quiet transcendence, but these moments seem rare. Ruse's pictures - his attention to colors and composition and the often sad often crazy often entirely unremarkable characters are reminiscent of Dorothea Lange's dust bowl pictures - perhaps if shot through Christopher Doyle's hazy flourescent flared lenses, with Bill Owens' eye for the slightly absurd.

Ruse's pictures seem exceptional - documenting the sprawling underground life of New York a few years into the new millenium better than anyone else I've seen.

Some other favorite pictures...

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