Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Roulette Sisters Party Like It's 1939

The Roulette Sisters played some rollicking good 30s-era music this last Saturday at Barbes...I thought that I had something blogworthy to say, mayb not, I'm suddenly overcome by exhaustion. Maybe I'll add some observations from an interesting Saturday night in Brooklyn tomorrow... to be mentioned possibly... Psychics... Whores & Dog Pimps... Los Pollitos Sopes... The Odd Case of the Missing Body Artist... The Queen of Clubs... Wedding Party Crashers... 3 Harvard Girls in a Cab... The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing $200... The Mysterious Case of the Appearance of Assorted Crumpled $5 Bills... Cold Pizza at 4:22am...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Road Trip! Nittany Lions To Battle Badgers!

State College, PA. Nov. 1st - Mere days away from a highly anticipated road trip to State College to see Joe Paterno's Nittany Lions fight it out with the lowly Badgers of Wisconsin, Penn State alumn Ryan "Flounder" Herlinger admitted that spirits were high. "We've got an iPod loaded with, like 2,000 songs, a 4pm reservation at the Hoss' Steak House off Rt 76, the prospects of a delightfully global warming-enhanced November weekend in the 70s, and great tickets bought from ebay," said an obviously excited Herlinger. "Another classic college weekend - wow, it seems like old times... except for the iPod, the unnaturally tropical weather, ebay... but otherwise, it might as well be 1952!"

Asked if the possibility that this could be Joe Paterno's final home game after 35 seasons, Herlinger paused, "Well, one thing that I know won't change, at least this weekend, though, is that I'll be staggering around fraternity row at 3:30 in the morning, almost certainly without a girl, considering a trip to Ye Olde College Diner." With that Herlinger shuddered, put on his pledge pin, and ran off in the direction of the freshly tapped keg.